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Entry #14

Back in business

2010-05-16 15:24:11 by OpenOceanProductions

Hey everyone, after a while off the scene we're back at least, and we'll be bringing new flashes too.

Strangely enough there was no winner for the Employee of the Month again, so let's just skate over that.

Our current releases, which now stand at twenty, can all be seen below: The following animations were done by Giantsockmonster, CubePanda , ChrisTobin and tripleDK.

1.When Pokemon go Bad episode 1
2.Destroy GSM
3.The Ugly Truth
4.Pimp Santa
5.TLOZ FG Trailer
6.Epic Brawl Parody
7.CubePanda's X-mas 2009
8.Our Xmas Message
9.The Ugly Truth 2
10. TLC Episode 1 (The Link Chronicles)
11. TLC Episode 2 (The Link Chronicles)
12. TMC Episode 1 (The Midnight Club)
13. Skull kid Shakespeare
14. NSZW Demo (New Super Zelda World)
15. TLOZ The Forgotten Legend 1 (The Legend of Zelda)
16. TLOZ The Forgotten Legend 2 (The Legend of Zelda)
17. Love is many ways
18. Cursed Mouse
19. Victory
20. Sunshine & Rainbows

Here is a list of a few projects we have in the works:

Project 1: Pokemon: When Pokemon go Bad (two more episodes) (being animated by Giantsockmonster and written by greatwh1teshark)
Project 2: The Charmeleon Chronicles: (two episodes) (being animated by Giantsockmonster and written by greatwh1teshark)
Project 3: LOZ (Legend of Zelda): (four episodes) (The Forgotten Legend: (being animated by CubePanda and written by Greatwh1teshark)

We do have a few other projects, but we are keeping them secret for now.

Open Ocean Productions Staff:

Board of Directors:
1. Greatwh1teshark
2. Betteratbrawl7777
3. Sorrygirl99
4. Xellon

Ads Consultant:

1. Greatwh1teshark
2. Betteratbrawl7777
6. Sniperleader1337
7. TripleDK
18. Pat61

Voice actors:
2. Betteratbrawl7777
8. TheFlameAlchemist
9. Kittensinafryingpan
10. TripleDK
18. Pat61
21. ChrisTobin

Music composers:
12. brkzeld
13. LonelyAngle
18. Pat61

10. TripleDK
14. IKanzAnimate
15. bocodamondo
16. Mabelma
17. toontown1

10. TripleDK
17. toontown1
18. Zookyman2
19. Giantsockmonster
20. CubePanda
22. iloveicelollies

10. TripleDK
21. ChrisTobin

Well that's all from us for now, ciao everyone.


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2010-06-27 11:15:06

So glad this isnt dead , ill realeasse zelda , in about a month , Hopefully :D