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2009-12-20 10:15:46 by OpenOceanProductions

Hi Its ChrisTobin Here , Just To Talk To You About Ads , OPP Is Now Using The Newgrounds Ad System , Because Guys Admit It We Like Money Rite? Anyways OPPs A Company We Gota Make Money , So If You Do Wanna Add Ads In Contact Me ,Also Any Flashes Sumited In 2010 Must Use The My Preloader , Anyways Any Problems Contact Me.

Kind Regards

Chris ( Because Of Talking To Jack And Jess)

More OOP submissions for all of you to see, some of which include The Ugly Truth 2::

1. When Pokemon go Bad episode 1
2. Destroy GSM
3. The Ugly Truth
4. Pimp Santa
5. TLOZ FG Trailer
6. Epic Brawl Parody
7. CubePanda's X-mas 2009
8. Our Xmas Message
9. The Ugly Truth 2

Other projects we have in the works are as follows:

Project 1: Link's Lesson on Love (being animated by toontown1 and written by greatwh1teshark)
Project 2: Love's many forms (being animated by TripleDK and written by greatwh1teshark)
Project 3: Pokemon: When Pokemon go Bad (two more episodes) (being animated by Giantsockmonster and written by greatwh1teshark)
Project 4: The Charmeleon Chronicles: (two episodes) (being animated by Giantsockmonster and written by greatwh1teshark)
Project 5: LOZ (Legend of Zelda): (four episodes) (The Forgotten Legend: (being animated by CubePanda and written by Greatwh1teshark)

And then there are quite a few secret projects.

Now here is an update of all those who are apart of Open Ocean Productions:

Open Ocean Productions Staff:

Board of Directors:
1. Greatwh1teshark
2. Betteratbrawl7777
3. Sorrygirl99
4. Xellon
5. Fourswordsking

Ads Consultant:

1. Greatwh1teshark
2. Betteratbrawl7777
5. FourSwordsKing
6. Sniperleader1337
7. TripleDK
18. Pat61

Voice actors:
2. Betteratbrawl7777
8. TheFlame Alchemist
9. Kittensinafryingpan
10. TripleDK
18. Pat61
21. ChrisTobin

Music composers:
12. brkzeld
13. LonelyAngle
18. Pat61

10. TripleDK
14. IKanzAnimate
15. bocodamondo
16. Mabelma
17. toontown1

5. FourSwordsKing
10. TripleDK
17. toontown1
18. Zookyman2
19. Giantsockmonster
20. CubePanda
22. iloveicelollies

10. TripleDK
21. ChrisTobin

EDIT: As well as all this, we now have the official OOP preloader for all 2010 projects, if you would like to see it, check out the following link: /40818_74015_OPP_Preloader.php

This is all from Open Ocean Productions, for now

EDIT AGAIN: OOPs has just taken on yet another new member, iloveicelollies, who shall soon become well known via his latest project series, Afterlife.


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2009-12-21 15:09:31

The Link doesn't work, and is Bocamando in the OOP now? Nice!


2009-12-22 06:17:47

No offence but i really dont like the preloader, i might make my own one if thats alright


2009-12-23 12:56:40

Hey, Dan , You Said About The Preloader , I Dont Really Like It Either , Ill Make a nEW oNE wITH yOU If You Whnant